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Transform your space with this beautifully crafted 6-drawer dresser, a perfect blend of style, functionality, and charm. Versatile in its design, this piece also makes an excellent TV stand or buffet, offering ample storage while enhancing your living space with its stylish presence.

The top has been beautifully refinished with a white wash, providing a fresh, airy feel that contrasts perfectly with the bold body.

The dresser's body is painted in Wellington – a captivating shade that blends green, black, and subtle bronze undertones. This color exudes confidence and offers an everlasting, enchanting look that will elevate any room.

To add a touch of refined detail, round fluting has been applied to the top drawers, enhancing the dresser’s unique character. Each drawer is accented with bronze knobs, perfectly complementing the Wellington finish and adding a touch of elegance.





Wellington Dresser

  • Please note: Our return policy stipulates that all sales are final. If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, please contact us. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we'r here to assist you in any way we can.

  • Please note that refinished furniture may exhibit minor imperfections or flaws inherent to both the restoration process and the original condition of the furniture

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