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Hi, I'm Hilary!


I started my furniture and home décor journey in 2018 when I purchased my first home and completely renovated it with my dad. I learned a lot of DIY skills along with money saving techniques along the way. I fully furnished my home on a budget by buying used furniture and customizing each piece to fit my style. After there was literally no more space in my home to furnish, that’s when I began my Altered Pine journey.

Altered Pine Instagram and Facebook is a place you can find all the behind the scenes in the furniture business. From the weekly “Thrifting Thursdays” shopping at local thrift stores and finding the perfect piece of furniture to restore. To seeing the step by step process of chalk painting furniture. You will feel included in each furniture flip and feel inspired to start your own DIY.

My goal is to provide my customers with furniture and décor that is exactly what they are looking for and will last them for years. No more spending an arm and a leg at a furniture store on items that soon fall apart. My mission is to bring quality vintage furniture back into your home with an unexpected style that will complete your space.

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