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When refinishing furniture it is important to price each piece for what it is worth. Pricing might be confusing and intimidating for you but this Furniture Pricing Guide will help you feel confident in both your price and your product!

In this guide includes:
-Instructions on how to calculate the selling price of a refinished piece of furniture. 
-Two separate pricing lists. 
          -The first one is for pricing your own furniture pieces to refinish and sell. 
          -The second price sheet is used for charging a customer for refinishing their already owned pieces. -List of top purchase prices you should stay under when buying furniture to refinish and later sell to help you maximize profit.

The Ultimate Furniture Pricing Guide

  • This guidebook is in PDF format. Once purchsed you will receive links to download your digital product in the thank you page of the checkout, along with an emailed link. The PDF document can be viewed on phone, tablet, or desktop. 

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